Go urban chic! Hex Nut and Succulent Industrial Wedding Decor

The industrial wedding decor trend provides a great opportunity for urban chic. Wedding decor trends are always changing as brides look for fun and unique ways to express their own style. The wedding decor gurus have been talking about how wedding style is moving from the rustic farmhouse look to a more industrial urban vibe. Greenery will be a good compliment to the brick and metal neutrals of the cityscape décor.

When you are planning any social occasion, decor provides a backdrop to the narrative that you are creating. That’s why you put so much effort into creating a mood, a narrative, and fantasy for your wedding or social occasion.

Create your industrial wedding decor

Planning ideas for unique urban and industrial wedding decor, think mechanical, think metal, think brick. This project is a quick and easy and quite frankly, freaking adorable wee decoration piece that combines distressed metal and trendy succulents. And nothing could be easier to make.

Hex Nut and Succulent Industrial Wedding Decor with pliers

I found the hex nuts at the local Habitat for Humanity Restore. This Shangri-la is a place where you can find used building materials. The 2” hex nuts were fifteen cents each, but everything was 50% off, so they cost me a whole eight cents. You could purchase new if you are going for a shiny metallic look. You could even spray paint them with some cool textured spray paints. The succulents were purchased at Jo-Anne’s on sale. So, yay for saving money where you can.

Making the pieces was super easy. Just cut the succulents into small pieces and hot glue them to the hex nuts. You can glue felt circles to the bottom to give a polished and complete look.

Industrial Wedding Decor Hex Nuts and Succulents Pinterest


That’s pretty much it. I can’t wait to see how you adapt this look to your wedding. Please do share photos if you’d like. Find us on Instagram and Facebook. I am very excited about this new wedding decor trend. Go be amazing!

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