Industrial Wedding Dinosaur Décor

Industrial wedding décor is growing in popularity. It gives an urban texture to the setting of the romantic ceremony. Weddings are more than the expression of love between two people. Weddings are an extension of your personality. Many couples reflect their quirky sense of humor in the small details. These dinosaurs painted with metallic finish spray paint are a perfect example of adding a humorous note to the décor. And seriously, they couldn’t be easier to make.

Easy wedding decor with dinosaurs and succulents

Dinosaurs as industrial wedding décor

Two trends that are very hot this spring are industrial/urban and greenery. Weddings are leaving the barn and moving into lofts and warehouses. The lushness of the greenery is seen in swags and curtains of boughs and florals.


Make your décor go RAWR!

Dinosaurs and succulents make great industrial wedding decor

These wee dinosaurs are from the local dollar store. If you want to go a more eco-conscious route, you could look to thrift stores to find a range of dinosaurs or other toys that speak to the child in both of you.


Pair the dinosaurs with some of the new trends in industrial décor and you can create a small Jurassic park at each reception table. Or go bold and go Ordovician! If you do, I really really REALLY need to see pictures. Really.


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