Getting the Ravenna Relics shop and blog up and running to offer my artwork to the public has been a great experience. I greatly appreciate the positive and warm response from everyone. Making art and sharing it with people is such a joy and one I encourage others to do. The internet is such a marvel and enables even introverts like myself to become entrepreneurs. I want to thank people and offer some of my designs as downloadable color pages. Please let me now what you think of them in the comments as this is something new for me. I want to make sure to give you want you want.

All of the pages are free for you to enjoy in non-commercial use.

To download, right click! Easy peasy! We don’t require you to sign up for anything to get the free color page, but would very much appreciate it if you joined our email list. We promise to not abuse your trust, but would like to share exciting news with you.



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